As part of the surgical procedure, bone grafting material has been placed into the extraction sites to help preserve your jawbone in preparation for possible implant replacement of the extracted tooth.  The bone graft is composed of many small particles. Do not be concerned if you find a few small granules in your mouth for the first several days.  It is not unusual for some of the granules to dislodge out of the graft site and slip into your mouth. However, you can help the bone graft particles stabilize by following these instructions for 3 days after the surgery:

  • Do not poke at, disturb or touch the incision sites
  • Do not lift/pull on the lip to look at the sutures
  • Do not rinse or spit
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use a straw or purse your lips in any manner that will cause suction
  • Do not use a commercial mouthwash
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages
  • Do not use an oral irrigating device

You may have been prescribed some or a combination of any of the following medications:

  • Anti-inflammatory pain reliever: This will help reduce swelling and reduce pain. You should take 1 pill 8 hours after surgery and then 3 times daily for the next 3 days. Your initial dose may be be given to you intravenously.
  • Narcotic pain reliever: This is usually acetaminophen with hydrocodone. This may be prescribed for moderate to severe discomfort. This can be taken every 4 hours as needed after surgery, in addition to the anti-inflammatory pain reliever.
  • Antibiotics: You will have started taking the prescription a few days before the procedure. Continue taking the antibiotic as directed after surgery until it is finished.
  • Steroids: This will accelerate healing and reduce swelling. Your initial dose may be given to you intravenously. You will take 3 tablets the day after surgery and 1 tablet the following morning.
  • Antiseptic rinse: This is a prescription oral rinse that helps keep the area clean during the healing process. You should rinse GENTLY morning and night. Avoiding eating or drinking for 1 hour after rinsing.

Avoid doing any of the following activities for the next 8-10 days or until the sutures are removed:

  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Using a straw
  • Lifting or pulling on lip to look at sutures
  • Lying on the side of face over area of surgery
  • Pressing on the cheek or the jaw over the area of surgery