A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the frenulum, which is a small piece of tissue in the body that restricts organ movement.  In the mouth, the frenula are located under the tongue and below the lips in the middle of the face.  When a frenulum is too short or too big it can cause problems with basic functions or hinder the health and well being of the mouth.  If the lingual frenulum is too short under the tongue, it can restrict movement and limit speaking.  This is usually diagnosed early in young children and is called ankyloglossia.  Once the tissue is removed, normal function is restored.  If the labial frenulum, located under the lips, is to short it can cause the gums to recede which can cause esthetic concerns and effect the health of the teeth.  If the labial frenulum is too large, it can cause spacing between teeth called a diastema.  A simple surgical procedure with local anesthetic removes the tissue and improves the oral health and function of the mouth.