Swelling and discomfort can be expected after tooth extractions. Follow the instructions provided by our office regarding pain management and any prescription pain killers. Some bleeding following surgery is normal. The denture will act as a bandage.  Keep your denture in place, with gauze placed between your cheek and denture with light pressure. This will control bleeding and to allow the gum tissue to adapt to the denture.

After 3 days, you may remove the denture to cleanse your mouth and denture. Use the oral antiseptic prescribed by our office. You need to replace the denture immediately, as swelling may occur and you will be unable to reinsert the denture.

Your bite will likely be imperfect when the denture is first delivered. You will be scheduled to see the dentist 2-3 times the few weeks following surgery for adjustment of the bite and fit of the dentures.

Your gum tissue will recontour over a period of 6-12 months, which will affect the fit of your denture. Your dentist will need to reline the denture once tissue shrinkage has slowed.