Effective treatment of inflammatory periodontal disease depends on the effectiveness of reducing oral bacteria or plaque build-up in the oral cavity, which is the primary cause of periodontitis.  The inability of patients to maintain effective bacterial plaque control can compromise periodontal health and dental treatment including implants, bridges and fillings.  A complete oral hygiene regimen includes daily use of brushing, flossing, and mouth rinses.  Sometimes brushing, flossing and mouth rinses are not enough to control the periodontal disease process and other agents are incorporated to a patients' at home oral regimen. 

Perio Protect uses patient specific trays called Perio Trays to deliver chemotherapeutic agents like hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics deep into the periodontal pockets and between teeth to help help reduce bacterial build-up in these hard to reach places.  This system is also good for patient who have trouble flossing daily due to dexterity problems like arthritis.  Patients use this system 2-6 times per day for 15 minutes each time depending on their disease status and need.  Unlike brushing and flossing you are not limited to your bathroom while the trays are in place.  Many patients continue with their daily routine, check their email. or watch TV while the trays are in place.  Once their periodontal disease is under control, the number of times per day the trays are worn is reduced, and in most cases more than one set of trays are made due to the tissue shrinkage and disease reduction.