Before your scheduled surgery date, please inform our office of any oral medications that you are taking. No smoking at least 12 hours before surgery. If possible, cut down or stop smoking as soon as possible prior to the day of surgery as it interferes with the healing process. Also, if you develop an illness such as a cold, sore throat, stomach or bowel upset before the date of the procedure, please notify the office.

Oral Sedation
If the dentist prescribed an oral sedative such as Triazolam, Ativan, Xanax, or Valium, follow the instructions on the bottle. You will begin
feeling the effects of the sedative approximately 30-45 minutes after taking the pills. You may not drive while under the influence of the
sedative – you will need to have someone drive you to and from the office. Do not drink any alcoholic beverage or take any narcotic pills for 8 hours before or after taking the prescribed sedative.

IV Sedation
If you are receiving IV sedation, our office will contact your primary care doctor in advance for medical clearance. A responsible adult must accompany you to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and drive you home. Unless directed otherwise by the dentist, go ahead and take your usual prescribed medications (such has blood pressure medicine) with a minimal amount of water. In addition:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing so that we can roll your sleeve up to attach monitoring equipment
  • Contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures must be removed at the time of surgery
  • Do not eat within 8 hours prior to your surgery appointment, unless directed

If you feel nauseous after returning home, you may take 2 tablespoons Emetrol liquid as needed, which is available at your local pharmacy. Do not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for 24 hours following anesthesia.